East Surrey Choral Society


President: Della Jones

Vice Presidents: Victoria Speller, Michael Pilkington and Karle Simpson

Musical Director: Ian Kennedy, GGSM

Accompanist: Richard Pilliner, LRAM, ARCM

Chairman/Bookings Secretary: Melanie Watts-Read

Vice Chairman/Concert Manager: Thea Rodgers

Hon. Treasurer/Making Music Rep: Michael Pearce

Hon. Secretary: Gill English

Publicity: John Lowrie

Librarians: Sue Anderson and Elly Davis

Web Site Manager: Martyn Cavett

Publishing: Martyn Eccles

Catering: Jane Tiernan

Choir Rep: Thea Rodgers

Friends' Secretary: Penny O'Meara

Choir Uniform: Linda Aish      


Section Reps

Sopranos: Jennifer Burnett

Altos: Gill English

Tenors: Olwen Fisher

Basses: Chris Anderson


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